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ALU problem

so i made my code but i got some problem finding where i made mistake...
    Mux16(a = x, b = false, sel = zx, out = x1);
    Mux16(a = y, b = false, sel = zy, out = y1);
    Not16(in = x1, out = notx1);
    Not16(in = y1, out = noty1);
    Mux16(a = x1, b = notx1, sel = nx, out = x2);
    Mux16(a = y1, b = noty1, sel = ny, out = y2);
    And16(a = x2, b = y2, out = andx2y2);
    Add16(a = y2, b = x2, out = addx2y2);
    Mux16(a = andx2y2, b = addx2y2, sel = f, out = xy);
    Not16(in = xy, out = notxy);
    Mux16(a = xy, b = notxy, sel = no, out = out, out[15] = ng, out[0..7] = primo, out[8..15] =
    Or8Way(in = primo, out = primo1);
    Or8Way(in = secondo, out = secondo1);
    Or(a = primo1, b = secondo1, out = primsec);
    Not(in = primsec, out = zr);

this is my code and the program result is comparison failure at line 3 where is basically the compute -1
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Re: ALU problem

So what is your design outputting instead?

Walk through your design and see if you at least agree that it should be outputting what the emulator says it's outputting.

Then look at each step of the process and determine what you want it to do and what it is doing and find out where they don't match.