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I have been self teaching myself simple programming mainly with python for a couple of years and the new EDx
MOOC (massive open online course) has helped me make significant strides in getting to grips with how to write programs.

The course is almost over as I write this so i was thinking of what to learn next. I was going to learn Java and will do in the future but then I saw the TED lecture and the prospect of making a computer from scratch got me excited!

I just completed the 1st chapter after a couple of days and the sense of achievement of creating these simple logic gates is immense! It took me a while to get used to binary algebra but once i did and with the help of the
Karnaugh maps it became very intuitive. I found drawing simple diagrams of the gates to be very helpful.

I'm giving myself no specific time limit to complete the book but with luck I hope to accomplish the task and update my progress here.