Assembler listing file?

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Assembler listing file?

Anybody else have their assembler generate a listing file? I added it as a whim while I was writing the assembler. Combined with source comments generated by a debug flag in my VM processor the listing file turned out to be quit helpful while debugging the VM.

The listing file started out with hexadecimal addresses and A-instruction values but for debugging it's far more useful to have the code and jump addresses in decimal.
  226  E308  M=D
                 // gt
  227   233  @_15
  228  EC10  D=A
  229    13  @R13
  230  E308  M=D
  231    88  @_10
  232  EA87  0;JMP
  233        (_15)
                 // push constant 56
  233    56  @56
(This snippet was carefully selected not to give away anything basic.)
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Re: Assembler listing file?

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I did not initially have a need for a listing file.  However towards the end of project 8 of the VM translator, my VM had enough errors that such a feature was justified.  Even if you don't do this in project 6, having the annotations will greatly help following your code when running in the simulator.