HELP: Project 5 CPU Jump?

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HELP: Project 5 CPU Jump?

Hello all,

I'm currently working on the CPU part of project 5, and while my chip mostly seems to be working, I'm genuinely wondering if something is wrong with the CPU.tst file. As you can see, the code that it's running sets D to zero, and then runs D;JEQ. Unless I'm fundamentally misunderstanding jumps, this should lead to the program jumping - which it does. However, apparently the .tst file wasn't anticipating a jump, so I'm getting errors. Out of frustration, I did something that I never do, and went to look up other people's solutions on GitHub, wondering if their versions of the program were free of some error I wasn't catching, but they too broke at this line of code. Does anyone know what's going on? Thank you.

The line of code my chip is breaking at.

The expected output.

What my chip is doing.