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I've seen it's kindly requested for users to present themselves, so here I am.

I'm Sébastien, a guy who's lived a pretty unremarkable 40 years so far, and I've decided that since I spent so much time on PCs, maybe this should be a pursuit, rather than something I just like, and have embarked upon a three-years university CS cursus.
I found the first semester architecture course pretty fascinating, which spurred me to build a pretty nice circuit simulator working out of truth tables; I then realized it wouldn't work with flipflops. That's when I found Nand2Tetris while googling for ways to build a sequential logic simulator,... and why I am now busy building a Hack computer, which is even funnier.

Projects 1-4 have been relatively easy, whith the exception that I cheated for Fill.asm, and chose to fill the screen word by word, rather than pixel by pixel, but I'll come back to it whenever it is required to build a setpixel() function.
These four were done in four days - I don't know about project five. I chose to not look at figure 5.9, which admitedly makes things harder, but I would be so pleased if I devised this logic myself.

With my heartfelt thanks,