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Hi, I'm Joel

Hi Everyone,

My name is Joel I'm 15.I live in Far North Queensland, Australia and have been home-schooled almost my entire life. I have just finished a Cert 3 in IT and lately started mucking around with microcontrollers, after awhile I wondered how they work/are built, then one day I stumbled across this watching a minecraft video and found my way back. I kinda forgot about it for awhile(got bored making the multiplexers) but restarted a couple of weeks ago. I'm currently starting chapter 5 and so far LOVING the course. I found chapter 4 was a little tricky to start but apart from that it's great. It's funny how you write a program in say C++ and it runs and you pretend to understand what's happening to your code to make it run, but you really don't have a clue .

Thanks so much to the creators on such a great course.
Thanks also to the contributors, without them, and the others who asked questions before me I might not have made it this far.