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Hi everyone from Israel


I am an FPGA engineer working and living in Israel. I have completed part I of the course on Coursera and I am currently doing the second part.

As I have commented in LinkedIn, the Nand2Tetris course is a lot of fun for me. I started with computers long ago with my old C64 and with my friend we would dream of having tools and means to visualize the HW and SW going on inside the microprocessor. And with Nand2Tetris tools I finally have the means I dreamed of during the times where a computer crash (so easy to come by when messing with Assembler) would mean to wait for several long minutes waiting for the C64 to boot again and for the tools to load from cassette tape.

The first part of the course was not that difficult for me. The second part of the course, however, is proving tougher for me because it is more distant from my day do day experience. But I am thrilled of learning about VM, object programming and so on.

I have implemented the Hack processor on an FPGA and simulated it. But it has no screen or keyboard yet.