JackCompiler won't run on Windows 7

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JackCompiler won't run on Windows 7

I've done a bunch of messing around to avoid for example any spaces in path names (which was problematic, since the normal Java install has spaces in the CLASSPATH; I made a copy of the class libraries elsewhere to fix that bit, and I renamed my course directory to get rid of spaces there).  None of which helped.

What's happening so far as I can see is that the compiler is getting started and is opening the source file, and then is getting errors either reading that, or writing the output file (and no output file is left after the error).  I don't see how it can be a protection problem; in addition to regular day-to-day work in that file tree with all my normal tools, I just now used the command-line copy command in the same Command window I got the error in to copy hw.jack to foo.bar, and that worked fine.

I've just assigned a final project that depends on the Jack compiler and was kind of hoping to work through some examples in class tonight,  but I find I can't get it to run at all.   (Also can't get the Linux .sh version to run under Cygwin, but with a different error.  Don't have Cygwin on the classroom computer, anyway, and most of my students don't either I don't think.)

Anybody have ideas?

P:\work\NHCC\MachArchOrg\nand2tetris\tools>dir bin\classes
 Volume in drive P is home
 Volume Serial Number is 4FA4-F406

 Directory of P:\work\NHCC\MachArchOrg\nand2tetris\tools\bin\classes

2014-09-01  20:58    <DIR>          .
2014-10-05  15:11    <DIR>          ..
2006-11-22  18:05             1,739 TextComparer.class
2006-11-22  18:05             1,073 VMEmulatorMain.class
2006-11-22  18:05             1,084 CPUEmulatorMain.class
2006-11-22  18:05             1,182 HardwareSimulatorMain.class
2006-11-22  18:05             1,098 HackAssemblerMain.class
               5 File(s)          6,176 bytes
               2 Dir(s)  1,690,839,331,840 bytes free

P:\work\NHCC\MachArchOrg\nand2tetris\tools>dir bin\lib
 Volume in drive P is home
 Volume Serial Number is 4FA4-F406

 Directory of P:\work\NHCC\MachArchOrg\nand2tetris\tools\bin\lib

2014-09-01  20:58    <DIR>          .
2014-10-05  15:11    <DIR>          ..
2006-11-22  18:05            96,666 HackGUI.jar
2006-11-22  18:05            68,492 SimulatorsGUI.jar
2006-11-22  18:05             4,470 AssemblerGUI.jar
2006-11-22  18:05            59,364 Hack.jar
2006-11-22  18:05            13,643 TranslatorsGUI.jar
2006-11-22  18:05            27,094 Compilers.jar
2006-11-22  18:05            81,810 Simulators.jar
               7 File(s)        351,539 bytes
               2 Dir(s)  1,690,839,331,840 bytes free

P:\work\NHCC\MachArchOrg\nand2tetris\tools>type jackcompiler-orig.bat
@echo off
cd %0\..
java -classpath "%CLASSPATH%;bin/classes;bin/lib/Hack.jar;bin/lib/Compilers.jar"
 Hack.Compiler.JackCompiler %1

P:\work\NHCC\MachArchOrg\nand2tetris\tools>echo %CLASSPATH%

P:\work\NHCC\MachArchOrg\nand2tetris\tools>JackCompiler-orig.bat hw.jack
Error reading/writing while compiling hw.jack