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Links to posts discussing generated Assembly Language size

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If you are looking for information on reducing the size of the Hack assembly language code generated by your VM Translator, here is a collection of links to posts about VM optimization.

The main post discussing VM Translator generated ASM code size is Generated code size.
It addresses:

Assembler functions for call/return/compare
OS VM command counts
Automatic assembler functions for multiple instances of identical commands
Optimizing specific VM sequences to memory-to-memory operations
Optimize VM to meta-language and translate meta-language to ASM
Dead code removal

There are a few other posts as well:

Additional optimization for the VM call command (Sharing call code between multiple instances of the same call command)
What is a reasonable amount of assembly code to implement gt lt eq (Size/speed tradeoff using ASM subroutines for comparisons)
Total number of lines in output files
Call and Return as global functions and LT GT and EQ too