Project 8: Updated ProgramFlow/FibonacciSeries test

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Project 8: Updated ProgramFlow/FibonacciSeries test

Contributed by Mark Armbrust
2 September 2015
There is a test coverage gap in the ProgramFlow tests.

Incorrectly generated if-goto code can pass both the BasicLoop and FibonacciSeries tests, and the error will not be caught until the FunctionCalls/FibonacciElement test.

The old versions of the tests only checked if-goto behavior for positive and zero arguments.
This new version of the FibonacciSeries test checks for negative arguments.

Download this file into your nand2tetris/projects/08/ProgramFlow/FibonacciSeries directory.
The FibonacciSeries.tst and FibonacciSeries.cmp files are unchanged.