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I am a self-taught software developer with 13 years experience.  I discovered TECS from a reference in a game video on YouTube of all places.  Lacking a formal education in computer science, I've always felt like there are holes in my knowledge and I actively seek to patch those holes when I find the chance.

I'm working through TECS completely on my own.  This leads to roadblocks sometimes when an idea slips by and you just can't figure out what is missing.  E.G. in HDL, the output pins of parts may be wired to multiple pins, but the output pins of the chip may not.  Not(in=a, out=out); Not(in=out); is not legal HDL (assuming out is an output pin) though it seems conceptually similar to Not(in=a, out=out, out=internal); Not(in=internal);

I also struggle with the Hardware Simulator.  In all, the design is quite satisfying but for some reason I cannot scroll to the right in the HDL window and I cannot resize it.  Also, error messages are often too long to read but I know of no way to see them.  I wish there were an optional log file.

The forums are a great help to the independent learner.  Thank you for awesome tools for learning.

By the way, milythael is a name I constructed for an online game in 1997 and it has become my default online moniker.