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Software Suite (and some other questions)

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I've stepped away from this project for a while and now I've seen the second edition of the book is out.  Is there a new software suite to go with it (mainly asking to see if I need to update what I have, which I downloaded near the end of 2020)?

Also, I'm mainly interested in picking this up from the programming side again (i.e. I'm skipping all the hardware implementation because I still seem to remember a good deal of it, and was able to reproduce a lot of it in LogicWorld and LogiSim).  What chapter does this start at in the first edition (If memory serves, chapter 6 was the assembler but I can't remember and the book is away from me at the moment)?

I remember having problems with the java software which there was discussion about some fixes coming but I haven't found anything about it.  Also, there's been a few java security vulnerabilities since then that I'm not sure if they were relevant to nand2Tetris or not (I know one was log4j which impacted a lot more software than it should have).  I have, since then, constructed a Chip8 "emulator" and a partially working NES emulator, which is why I'm setting my sights back to this project, as I feel that I've learned a lot since late 2020 and would like to finally finish this.  

Also, is there a list of differences between the second edition and the first edition that would impact me (more worried about better/more detailed information vs errata)?

Edit: Okay, with more time to look at things (I was falling asleep at my computer when I originally posted this), I've noticed that a couple of my questions seemed to have been answered already:
There's no updated software yet, but it seems to be in the works ("will be out when its finished" tm, assumingly), and there is indeed more detail in the 2nd edition compared to the 1st edition in parts.