Someone can see what I did wrong?

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Someone can see what I did wrong?

Hello, thank you very much for reading my question. I have been trying for the last week to build an ALU, but I keep getting the comparison error.
I attached an image of my design (sorry for my bad drawing). As you can see, I built a "xor16" for this project.
Can someone see where the error is? I would be very grateful if someone finds it. Thank you so much.

    Mux16(a=x[0..15], b=false, sel=zx, out=zxout);
    Mux16(a=false, b=true, sel=nx, out=muxednx);    
    Xor16(a=muxednx, b=zxout, out=nxout);
    Mux16(a=y[0..15], b=false, sel=zy, out=zyout);    
    Mux16(a=false, b=true, sel=ny, out=muxedny);    
    Xor16(a=muxedny, b=zyout, out=nyout);
    And16(a=nxout, b=nyout, out=fand);
    Add16(a=nxout, b=nyout, out=fsum);
    Mux16(a=fand, b=fsum, sel=f, out=fout);
    Mux16(a=false, b=true, sel=no, out=muxedno);
    Xor16(a=fout, b=muxedno, out=out[0..15]);
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Re: Someone can see what I did wrong?

You're not giving us a lot to go on.

WHAT comparison error are you getting? Each line of the test script is testing something different. It would really be helpful to know what the comparison file has and what your output file has. That's the number one biggest clue as to what is going on.

Have you tested your Xor16 to make sure that it works?

Which inputs are the inputs to your Mux16's going? Don't make people guess which one is selected when the select input is a particular value. What if we assume you meant it one way and, either intentionally or unintentionally, you have it the other way and that's where the problem is?