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Thank you for the wonderful course


I want to offer my thanks to Professors Shimon and Noam for this wonderful course and the efforts that they made to make it available to others.

This is one of the best organised course that I have ever seen. There are thousands of teachers around the world teaching this same stuff in hundreds of courses may be but this one is unique. This is not just theory, it also has practical part and it guides you through building the stuff yourself step by step. It is not easy to do it but it not dry or dull. It is good challenge.

I stumbled upon this course while looking for some information on some other topic and then got interested in it out of curiosity. The topics like assemblers, compilers, assembly language, HDL are not the ones that most people like to go deep  into unless it is part of work or study. But there was something about this course and the style of Prof. Shimon and Noam that looked like saying ' go for it! It is different with us. We will not bore you or disappoint you'. And so I started and kept going. I already have a degree in CS but it has been great to learn about the gates and FF again and to actually program compiler and assembler in Python.

I would recommend anyone taking this course to buy the book too. That really helps.

The course also has the good fortune of having Mark Armbrust for helping students in this forum with their questions. Mark is awesome and is a great help. He has the great qualities of patience, of explaining difficult concepts in easy language and immediately getting at what is causing the questioner trouble.  Like many others I too feel indebted to Mark for his replies to my questions in this forum. Thank you Mark.

I wish good luck to all the TECS students.