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The VHDL Simulator

Hi, I just received my book a few days ago. I'm not disappointed, just curious:

<li> What was the reasoning for creating another VHDL simulator instead of using GHDL? </li> 
<li> What are the advantages of the software provided with the book? </li>
<li> Might I be able to use GHDL instead of the </li>

Hopefully I will have better questions as I read through the text. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to really understand the CS field better, and I'm really looking forward to continuing through this book!

I'm sure this will all click as I dig further, but it will still be helpful to get some feedback. I also just noticed that the Introductory Digital Systems Laboratory course at MIT gives students several software choices for writing VHDL code: NOVA, WARP, and even Emacs. I'm not interested in the first two, my interest is in free software. A listing of the tools used can be found here: