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Very nice course

I stumbled on this on TED and a day later on /. . That had to be a sign, so I started working through it.

Very nice indeed! I especially like the 'hardware' part of the course. The most complicated thing I ever built in real hardware was probably a 'master-slave' flip flop. It's nice to go all the way to an ALU and CPU virtually.

I have quite a bit of programming experience, so I didn't start from nothing. I wrote my first (real) program a long time ago on a VIC 20 in 6502 machine language (yes, not assembly, I typed in hex codes! I think A9 was LOAD A? Never mind.). Going through this course feels like blast from the past.

I'm considering to use some of the material for teaching basic concepts of computing to Physics students. But I have to think about that a bit more.

In the last week, I enjoyed working through projects 1-4. I'll save project 5 as a recreation for tomorrow evening.

Then I'm planning to learn about proper lexer/parser tools (never really used them before) for building the assembler and the compiler. (I do realize that's overkill, but the point is to learn new skills.)

In summary, although I knew all this in principle, I feel I've learned a lot already.  Awesome course!