chapter 00 mux?

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chapter 00 mux?


I am experimenting with the hardware simulator.
Chapter 00 web page.
I loaded the Mux8Way16 chip from the 'built in chips' dir.

I can change the values of the input pins for the
a - h arrays only some of the time,
Example, I type 111 into array b, hit eval and look at output.
If I change array b to, say, 1010, and hit enter, the input reverts
back to 111 ( the previous value)

 how to change the a - h input consistently?

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Re: chapter 00 mux?


The default view mode for the hardware simulator is decimal, so you should use numbers between -32768 and 32767 for a through h and 0 through 7 for sel.

You can change the view mode using the View | Format menu.