pushing a string constant

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pushing a string constant

When we try to translate x = 2  into a vm command it becomes
push constant 2
pop local x

but what about string constants?  str = "hello world"
My best guess is that one of the OS libraries dynamically creates a string object and then set str to point to that string object.

//numbers and chars treated the same
push constant 'h'
push constant 'e'
push constant '\0'
call String.Maker <num_char>
pop local str

it would really help me if someone could clarify and maybe where in the book I can find it.  If you say chapter 12 then that is why I didn't know...cause I'm on chapter 11.
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Re: pushing a string constant

At the end of 11.2.1 in Use of Operating System Services.

"String constants are created using the OS constructor String.new(length)...."