ALU Failing to Load

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ALU Failing to Load

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Hi guys I'm getting an error trying to load my ALU.
The error I'm getting is:
An internal pin may only be fed once by a parts output...

My Parts are as follows:
   // Put you code here:

   //Zero the x input
   Mux16(a = x, b[0..15] = false, sel = zx, out = zdx);
   //Negate the x input
   Not16(in = x, out = notx);
   Mux16(a = x, b = notx, sel = nx, out = ndx);
   //Zero the y input
   Mux16(a = y, b[0..15] = false, sel = zy, out = zdy);
   //Negate the y input
   Not16(in = y, out = noty);
   Mux16(a = y, b = noty, sel = ny, out = ndy);
   //compute out = x + y (if f = 1) or x & y (if f = 0)
   Or16(a = zdx, b = ndx, out = selx);
   Or16(a = zdy, b = ndy, out = sely);
   Or16(a = selx, b = sely, out = AddXY);
   And16(a = selx, b = sely, out = AndXY);
   Mux16(a = AndXY, b = AddXY, sel = f, out = selXY);
   //16-bit output
   Not16(in = selXY, out = nxy);
   Mux16(a = selXY, b = nxy, sel = no, out = c2);
   //zr 1 if out == 0
   Or16Way(in = c2, out = c3);
   Not(in = c3, out = zr);
   //ng 1 if out < 0
   Splitter16(in = c2, out[1..15] = drop, out[0] = c4);
   Mux16(a = c2, b[0..15] = false, sel = c4, out[0..14] = drop, out[15] = ng);
   //finally output
   Or16(in = c2, b[0..15] = false, out = out);

I also built the chip in Logisim so I could visualize the chip. The picture is below.

Please help with this problem.

Also I realized I'm getting the wrong outputs. I think my Or16() gates aren't doing a good job. Gonna have to edit and check.
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Re: ALU Failing to Load

You should read the excellent Hardware Constructor Survival Kit post, which describes most of the pitfalls and how to overcome them.

In addition to that, I think your implementation is not correct logically. The specification of the ALU chip is:
 * The ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit).
 * Computes one of the following functions:
 * x+y, x-y, y-x, 0, 1, -1, x, y, -x, -y, !x, !y,
 * x+1, y+1, x-1, y-1, x&y, x|y on two 16-bit inputs, 
 * according to 6 input bits denoted zx,nx,zy,ny,f,no.
 * In addition, the ALU computes two 1-bit outputs:
 * if the ALU output == 0, zr is set to 1; otherwise zr is set to 0;
 * if the ALU output < 0, ng is set to 1; otherwise ng is set to 0.

// Implementation: the ALU logic manipulates the x and y inputs
// and operates on the resulting values, as follows:
// if (zx == 1) set x = 0        // 16-bit constant
// if (nx == 1) set x = !x       // bitwise not
// if (zy == 1) set y = 0        // 16-bit constant
// if (ny == 1) set y = !y       // bitwise not
// if (f == 1)  set out = x + y  // integer 2's complement addition
// if (f == 0)  set out = x & y  // bitwise and
// if (no == 1) set out = !out   // bitwise not
// if (out == 0) set zr = 1
// if (out < 0) set ng = 1
I admit they are a bit ambiguous, but you should be able to work it out from the expected function.

For example, if you have both zx and nx set (1), then the x input should first be "set" to 0, and then negated, which would produce 1111111111111111. That is, the nx should operate on the output of zx. The same for the zy/ny.

The way you compute the AddXY seems wrong. Perhaps you meant to use Add16 instead of the third Or16?

And the ng bit computation seems very convoluted and I can't tell if it's right or wrong. It should be 1 if the out is negative, 0 otherwise. How do we tell if a number is negative?
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Re: ALU Failing to Load

This post was updated on .
Thanks Ivant for your input. I kinda realized last night that in order to get that 01 at the end of the second test that I was definitely doing something really dumb. I mistook the + symbol to be a logical OR not the addition that I was supposed to be performing ROTFL.

I redesigned the chip in Logisim so it looks like this based on an ALU that I found on GitHub:

As you can see, I put in the adder and redesigned the zx, nx, zy, ny routing and everything seemed to work until I did the tests.

It seems that whenever I have a 1 in my MSB and a 0 in my LSB as the output from my no mux, my ng doesn't work. It's because my LSB isn't active when my MSB is (in these cases):

I'll have to try a rework and see how I fare.

Once again I thank you so much for your reply, 'twas just a few hours too late :(
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Re: ALU Failing to Load

Finally! Finished the thing. Was out for a few hours so came back to find myself refreshed and thinking clearly.
IT WORKS!!! Passed both the nostat and the normal test. I just wish I could have made a 16 Bit CLA. The one below is only 4 Bits but if you look at the previous picture you'll see that it's only one of the parts that make up my 16 Bit.
I tried but it tells me that there's a cycle in the chip. I'm assuming my issue is that something like the below cannot be implemented in the HardwareSimulator because the output from the lookahead block goes to a full adder block which goes back into the lookahead block therefore it might detect as a cycle.

Once again. Thanks Ivant for your amazing contribution to helping me understand what was going wrong with my ALU.

I don't know if admins close topics on this site but if you do, you can close this one.