ALU.hdl not running

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ALU.hdl not running

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Hello, I'm having problems to test my ALU.hdl file. It doesn't open at all in the Hardware Simulator, and I've tried different implementations that I found on the Internet just to see if it was my code's fault, but none of them have worked. The Hardware Simulator has worked for all of the previous chips successfully, so I don't know what is wrong.

Here's the code that I wrote:

        x[16], y[16],  // 16-bit inputs
        zx, // zero the x input?
        nx, // negate the x input?
        zy, // zero the y input?
        ny, // negate the y input?
        f,  // compute out = x + y (if 1) or x & y (if 0)
        no; // negate the out output?

        out[16]; // 16-bit output
        zr, // 1 if (out == 0), 0 otherwise
        ng; // 1 if (out < 0),  0 otherwise

    Mux16 (a=x, b[0..15]=false, sel=zx, out=zxOUT); //Zero the x

    Not16 (in=zxOUT, out=notZX);                    //Negate x
    Mux16 (a=zxOUT, b=notZX, sel=nx, out=nxOUT);

    Mux16 (a=y, b[0..15]=false, sel=zy, out=zyOUT); //Zero the y

    Not16 (in=zyOUT, out=notZY);                    //Negate y
    Mux16 (a=zyOUT, b=notZY, sel=ny, out=nyOUT);

    Add16 (a=nxOUT, b=nyOUT, out=xPLUSy);           //X + Y
    And16 (a=nxOUT, b=nyOUT, out=xANDy);            //X & Y
    Mux16 (a=xANDy, b=xPLUSy, sel=f, out=fOUT);

    Not16 (in=fOUT, out=notF);                      //Negate output
    Mux16 (a=fOUT, b=notF, sel=no, out=out);

    Nand (a=out[15], b=true, out=ng);               //ng

    Or8Way (in=out[0..7], out=orLEFT);              //zr
    Or8Way (in=out[8..15], out=orRIGHT);
    Or (in=orLEFT, b=orRIGHT, out=orOUT);
    Not (in=orOUT, out=zr);

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Re: ALU.hdl not running

I get the error message:

In HDL file G:\\***\ALU.hdl, Line 13, Keyword expected

There is a syntax error in the OUT section of your file.

Once this is corrected you will find other errors in the connections within the logic of your file.
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Re: ALU.hdl not running

Thank you for your response. I found the error, it was one semicolon that I put by accident in the OUT declaration :(. Now I can work on fixing my code