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Dmux4way Issues

Can someone help me out? I'm getting more confused as I go back and forth between articles posted here and my hdl code implementation.

After couple of hours trying to get Mux8Way16 work -which did not eventually work, I went on to try DMux4way but fell in the same pit.

As for Dmux4Way, I'm finding it difficult to convert the schematic given in fig 1.10 into an hdl implementation. I think I understood the general idea but I get confused trying to connect the input and output pins to one another and one of my greatest confusion is the two out pins that the Dmux4Way chip have.
Namely a and b

Please also look at my Mux8way16 and enlighten me on what I could be doing wrong
        Mux4Way16 (a=a, b=b, c=c, d=d, sel[0..0]=sel[0..0], out=w);
        Mux4Way16 (a=e, b=f, c=g, d=h, sel[0..0]=sel[0..0], out=x);
        Mux4Way16 (a=a, b=b, c=c, d=d, sel[0..1]=sel[0..1], out=y);
        Mux4Way16 (a=e, b=f, c=g, d=h, sel[0..1]=sel[0..1], out=z);
        Mux4Way16 (a=w, b=x, c=y, d=z, sel[1..1]=sel[1..1], out=out);

I keep getting comparison failure at line 14